Bathroom trends for 2018/2019.

With the help of our beautiful designer, Sophie, we have compiled a list of current trends in the bathroom to look out for.

Tap ware

Gone are the days of boring old chrome tapware! Finally an evolution has brought us brushed & matt tapware  with your choice of brass, silver, black and white. Choosing the right tap ware can add a beautiful strong contrast to the counter tops.

Minimalist tap ware/mixers with small back plates are also hot at the moment, as are progressive mixers. You might want to note that with progressive mixers you can not control the pressure like standard mixers so they are best to be used above large basins or baths.


Vertical subway tiles are a interesting design choice currently due to their colour range and versatility. If your feeling creative, another upcoming tile trend is large scale tiles laid randomly. 2018 has seen the rise in people wrapping floor tile up to the skirts and continuing with wall tiling above for a sleek finish.

The natural feel

The day spa feel is popular,which has led to the rise in use of natural materials, finishes and products. Combining tiling with timber panelling or interior rendering can create a unique, high end feel.

As bathrooms are expected to last at least 10 years, choosing  natural / neutral tones will keep the design timeless. You can give your neutral bathroom  a splash of colour with accessories – towels, ceramics and flowers.


Technology is always cool – electric louvres, heated flooring, Bluetooth speakers, smart mirrors, concealed power points in cabinetry, vertical heated towel rails…


Assessing your bathroom’s functions is always vital when in the designing phase (Do you have a big family ? Storage will always be in demand). The 2018 trend  is to add open storage as well by adding some display shelving to show a little of your personality. The top tip is to keep things tidy and don’t overfill the display.

Free standing bath

For years the freestanding baths were considered old fashioned. Now, with the new sexy sleek and  modern curved baths, the freestanding baths are back in strong demand and are the 2018 / 2019 focal point in the bathroom

Integrated shower

As always, Europe is ahead of this trend and has embraced the simplicity and clean lines that integrated showers allow. The integrated shower removes the shower door and keeps a wall of glass to prevent too much splash elsewhere in the bathroom. Keep in mind though, it can get a little breezy without all the steam around you so you need to have a suitable shower head to keep you nice and warm.