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Archive for November 2018

Before and after in Adamstown

Before And After In Adamstown This bathroom in Adamstown heights received an amazing makeover! Although the existing bathroom was functional, it was dated and there was a leak from the shower onto the downstairs ceiling. A renovation had to be done ASAP. The Brief The owners brief was simple, they wanted to replace everything in…

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Bathroom Renovating – The Schedule

  In the previous articles I have referred to the  schedule of works that must be followed during a bathroom renovation in order to produce a bathroom that is up to the building code of Australia. There is a logic to to that order and below are the details of the schedule and the reasoning…

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Does my bathroom have asbestos?

Asbestos products were widely used prior to the mid 1980s when the health impacts of the product became known. After all of the media coverage on asbestos over the past 20 years, most people are now aware of the dangers that asbestos pose. What many people don’t realize is just how common asbestos products still…

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