Sci-Fi Bathrooms

Bathrooms Of The Future

Technology has crept into nearly every aspect of modern life, including the bathroom. The latest in technology has brought us fun bells and whistles which can be added to you bathroom. These advances mostly are around sensor lighting, in drawers, around mirrors, under vanities and even in shower heads and taps. Bluetooth speakers in the bathroom are fun, as well as the fancy bidet toilets and electric louvers.

But what of the bathroom of the future? What are the technologists dreaming up for our future sci-fi bathroom?

AR and AI are here (such is Amazon’s Alexa) So how will they impact the bathroom?

A company in the UK, Digital Bridge, did a survey and found that the majority of people (especially the younger generation) feel the bathroom is outdated. A list was compiled as to the top 10 bathroom innovations of the future….and its exciting and terrifying.

Top 10 Bathroom Innovations of the future

1.Facial recognition that will adjust your bathroom to your personal settings e.g lighting, water temperature and pressure

2. To solve that problem of seeing the back of your head when styling your hair, we will have a hovering drone mirror. Fantastic!

3.Voice recognition that allows you to add things to you shopping list shampoo, toothpaste

4. An augmented reality simulator that shows how a hairstyle would look on your head and provides step-by-step instructions on how to achieve it

5.Having a down day, or trying to get yourself psyched for that all important meeting? The future has a helping hand with a pep-talking mirror that gives you advice on your outfits based on a link to your personal calendar

6. Three taps – one for hot, cold and “just right”

7.Struggling to choose an outfit will be a thing of the past with a dressing machine that chooses your outfit and dresses you

8. Towels will also be outdated with a full body air-dryer. Sounds divine.

9. A height-adjustable sink, toilet and mirror that moves up and down depending on who is using them. A fantastic idea for flexible disable bathrooms

10. An ambient display that allows you to make a cup of coffee and answer the doorbell from the shower.

It all sounds a little Jetsons right?

The future is here

When tech heads and architect get together the design possibilities become a reality. Last year a virginian TechCentre for Design Research took it’s future HAUS bathroom to a Construction display meeting in Vegas

Some of its integrated amenities included

  • A bathroom mirror with customizable readouts for weather, traffic, TV display and more;
  • A shower system that lets you know when you’re low on shower gel, conditioner or shampoo and places an online order for the item before you run out;
  • Flooring that sends out an alert if a bathroom occupant falls;
  • A chromatherapy-jetted tub for comfort;
  • A high-tech bidet-style toilet with Bluetooth capability.

Who knows what the future will hold for our humble bathroom. Most of these ideas are a bit like the fashion designs you see on the catwalk. They may filter down to the average jo in essence or in some form, but they’re never as whacky as on the runway.