Bathrooms Of Years Gone By

Long Ago…

Rivers , streams and hot spring were the bathrooms of nature from many moons. With the rise of the empires came  changing trends. Ruins excavated in Pakistan, demonstrated the first public bath house dating back to 2500BC. These bath houses became popular in Roman times around 300BC and were common in the times of the  in the Turkish Empire. The bath houses were not only functional but also served as a place for socializing.

Victorian times…

Open sewers and community taps dominated in the Victorian times. The modern day bathroom really didn’t start to move into the house until the late 1800, when plumbing and sewerage started to become available in  more suburban settings. These change in were important for public health, as diseases outbreaks such as cholera were resulting from the poor sanitation.

Back In Australia….

In Australia, the first sewerage line wasn’t built until 1857. Even then, the majority of the suburbs remained with their back yard ‘dunnys’ for many years with weekly visits from the dunny man to collect the waste. Theses out houses were usually pit or ‘long drop’ toilets which were understandably placed at the rear of the yard.

Unknown to many, the first practical dual flush toilet was designed in 1980  by an Australian inventor by the name of Bruce Thompson. Bruce was working for Caroma at the time, the same company that produces quality toilets today.

Once sewerage and plumbing were no longer issues, the modern bathroom as we know it came into form. Despite changes in trends with tiling and layouts, the modern bathroom has not changed a great deal since the 1950’s.

Modern Bathrooms At Last…

The 1950 bathroom was a bright place with pink, pale green and pale blue tiling being on trend. Who remembers their Grandma’s bathroom? Tap ware was simple and soft molding lines were in the bath and sink.  The classic mid century style can be echoed today with vintage inspired pieces but usually in while or more bold modern colors.

Colours kept brightening in the bathroom of the 60’s. By the 70’s and lime green, brown and burnt orange were the latest trends in colours and tiles. Shag bath rugs and colourful towels added to the style. Far out man.

Towards the mid 80’s, the  more neutral colour scheme became popular, a trend which has endured in many forms until today.

What Next??

So what of the bathrooms of the future? Well, that’s another story all together. See my other article on The Newcastle Bath co website and find out what is in store for the 21st century bathroom.