Why NOW is a great time to renovate your bathroom!


The world is a crazy place at the moment! Knowing exactly how to carry on with your life is difficult. Even more difficult is trying to navigate the range of lock down measures in place and how they affect you. There are many businesses closed or under operating under strict limitations. Construction however (including renovations) has been largely spared. In fact, the government has allowed for extended work hours in construction. This is to help keep the industry moving while implementing the current necessary safety measures.


There’s no doubt that construction has taken a hit in productivity. At The Newcastle Bath Co., this time of year is usually super busy and we are running from job to job. The Covid 19 crisis has unavoidably slowed things down for us this year. Like a lot of people we are adjusting expectations and are happy to be keeping afloat.  


Every cloud has a silver lining. Now is a really smart time for you to get a  great deal to renovate your bathroom. At The Newcastle Bath Co. we are doing our very best to keep our prices down and remain competitive during this period. We will not drop our standards or cut corners. We always make sure our quotes are comprehensive and clear with what is included or not so there are no unpleasant surprises at the end of your job.  We won’ t promise to price match  but we do promise you outstanding value for your money.

Comparing quotes can be difficult. Quality of fixtures and fittings can vary. Painting may not be included. They may not offer a design service like us. We understand that most people will get around 3 quotes often at a similar price point. At  The Newcastle Bath Co. we are more than happy for you to call us to go over a quote or to ask questions while you are comparing quotes. Until you sign a contract there are absolutely no obligations.


We are proud to say we have an amazing group of loyal local tradies who work for us. We want to keep them going too.  Obviously, everyone who enters your house during a renovation will  comply with the current safety precautions. If you have any specific concerns for your situation, talk to us and we can work together to keep everyone safe and happy. 

Call us at The Newcastle Bath Co. for a quote today.  Your dream bathroom might only be weeks away!